Friday, May 1, 2009

April Stashbusting Report NOT!

April's Report -- um, er -- all I can say is quit show in Lancaster and the Wonky 9 Patch quilt... 

Fabric used by finished quilts:   4.5 yards
Fabric purchased       8 yards 
Net fabric USED from stash:     (3.5). yards 

Year to date fabric used: 21.4 yards
Year to date fabric purchased: 28.83 yards
Year to date  ADDED to stash    7.43 yards

Wait until May.  I have one quilt ready to bind right now.  And, my Nolting 18 is arriving sometime near the end of the month.  Woowee!  I've been getting tops ready to quilt on it.  Now to get a couple of backings ready.  I want to show a goodly bit of stashbusting soon.  (I'm not really holding my breath -- knowing my fabric collection I might have to buy some backings!) 

I'm ready to get my shoes on and go finish a few more wonky 9 patch blocks.  I'm hoping to have that top together by the end of the weekend.  And, I'll still have to make the "to border, or not to border" decision.  

Happy Quilting All!    Bonnie 

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