Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Did It!

Last fall I bought Lazy Girl Design's  Wonder Wallet from a booth at a quilt show.  So a few weeks later I tried to make one.  I don't know what I did but it was a disaster -- there was a hole in one side seam and flap hung over the side of the bottom part.  It was pathetic.  So, like all smart quilters I grabbed the flop, the extra fabric and the pattern and stowed it all away.  

hum, hum, whistle, whistle.  (that's time going by for those who can't figure it out... like everyone!)  Enter Suz of The Thread and I blog. She's making millions of them.  Well, how about lots of them?  She has some on her blog already made and some with fabrics all picked out. (you'll have to scroll down a few posts to see them.)  It was just the little jiggle my mind needed.  I've got that pattern.  I might be able to actually do it.  

Yesterday was the day.  I didn't have borders that looked good on string x, I couldn't find a backing for the wonky 9 patch.  So, I cut a new wallet.  Used different fabrics from the ones I had tried first.  And very carefully followed the directions.  YAA HOO!  It worked.  So now I may make a few more.  Just for fun.  (maybe that ought to read to use up stash!)  I'd like to say the colors aren't right on the photo but, they are pretty close.  I'm beginning to think it might be a bit too pink on the bottom part but... it's fine.  Really it is.  

I may have to get out the fabric Jenny gave me that was left over from the purse she made me.  I could make a wallet to match it.  And, I'm going to make a second one just to hold punch cards, gift certificates and shopper's cards.  Currently those are rubberbanded together in a pocket.  This would look ever so much prettier!  

I'm continuing to make blocks for the million pieces quilt.  And, putting together some other scrap quilts I've got going.  I guess I need to take out the streak of lightning that is going to be a donation quilt and a practice quilt for the long arm when it arrives at the end of this month. 

Off to the studio -- Happy Quilting All...   

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  1. Bonnie,

    Wonderful Wallet you have there....

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.
    I find that I use it instead of carrying a purse. With my debit card and drivers license it will take me anywhere.

    Your fabric is lovely.


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