Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visiting in Maryland

Hi All!  I didn't drop from view, really.  I'm down in Maryland visiting Jenny who is recovering nicely from a bit of surgery.  I'm the official dog walker, bend over person and general do what Jen can't quite yet.  I've done a little quilting (very little) and enjoyed reading a bit.  She's gotten more done than I have quilting-wise.  Of course, I did cut out some of her blocks for her.  
Jen's had a couple of friends visiting her and I've enjoyed seeing people I haven't seen for a couple of years.  All very enjoyable. 

Tomorrow's plan is to put the binding on the little quilt I did on the long arm.  And, may be do at least one of the Bunny Hill blocks.   I also downloaded a nice block of the month pattern from Sundrop Designs. These are nice blocks with an added twist of a cat silhouette to applique on the block.  Any of the blocks would make a great quilt all by itself.

Happy Quilting All!  

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  1. So the choir did pretty well without you today. Bill was sick, so we did the piece acapella. Pretty good!


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