Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Give Away! -- Last Day

Have you commented to be eligible to receive the book Strata Various?  Are you having a hard time commenting?  If you are, feel free to email me ( to be signed up for the book.   Evidently books don't motivate sign ups the way fabric does.  But, could I really give away any of my fabric?  Maybe, maybe not.  

This cheery fellow was at the deli we went to in Lancaster when we met gals from Fabricholics Annonymous in April.  And, since I don't I have too much in the way of quilt pictures to share -- he's being shared.  I smile when I look at him.  

Yesterday I finished the streak of lightning quilt.  And, two sides of the border are on the wonky 9 patch.  Raggs and I went outside at least 4 times yesterday for walk abouts.  (Have you ever known a boy dog who doesn't hit every tree, bush, pile of dirt? -- me either but Raggs isn't very good at that part of going outside.) 

I've noticed some of the people who have commented on the giveaway page don't have emails available on their profiles.  I'll post the winner here tomorrow some time.  If I can't find your email I'll hope for you to email me.  Big thanks to Chris for posting the info on her blog.  

 Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I wrote a nice big "comment", then it wouldn't let me send it. Sigh..
    Maybe THIS time.. ..grin.. ..I'm trying for the book!

    I LOVE the Isaacs Flamingo! And you KNOW it's my favorite dining establishment! was so much fun meeting you & your DH (ole what's his name) there!

    Love your blog and have considered writing on myself, although I'm not sure I have the time to keep it up as it should be.

    Well, back to work before they "catch me"!

  2. LOL...that was SUPPOSED to say, "writing onE myself", not "on myself"! Good Grief, you'd think I could proof read better than THAT!

  3. Well glad he is good at going out side!
    Love the flamingo!
    good for you finishing the streak of lightening quilt!
    can't wait to see the wonky 9 patches finished too.
    I love nine patches.


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