Thursday, May 14, 2009

A New Winner

Since I didn't hear from Lorraine I have named the next person on the list as the winner of the book Strata Various. So, Nancy at Patchwork Penguin congratulations!  Send me your snail mail and I will send your book out.  (I am thinking of this as de-cluttering... the book has been sitting on a table in the great room for a couple of weeks now!)  

Raggs had his first visit to our vet today.  He was calm and cool.  He got a little tense when the vet was actually in the room but overall, he was great.  Only one shot and lots of medicine -- heartworm, ring worm, ear cleaner... etc. We'll get him at 100% soon.  
He still weighs less than 27 pounds.  And, we're not all that sure that he really is an English Springer Spaniel -- he might be one of the cocker breeds -- American or English.  But, we do know he is a super dog.  Very cuddly and is learning his commands well.  
Yesterday I pulled out a pineapple quilt that I made the main blocks years ago.  (Hum, probably around 15 years ago.)  I pull this piece out every couple of years and get a little more done on it.  Last time I prepared angels to applique on the outside border.  Yesterday I laid out the pineapple part, the white borders and the green angels I had cut.  Looking at it I realized the angels are way out of proportion for the size of the logs (1/2" finished!) While at my regular Wednesday group I reviewed the book Pieced Borders The Complete Resource by Judy Martin and Marsha McCloskey. I came up with an alternate border from the book. Today I made up two different sized borders.   Tomorrow I will post the two sample pieces I did with the center to see what you all think.  (too dark tonight to take a decent picture.)  I did the pineapple piecing using Christmas fabrics that were already many years old when I pieced it.  Then it took me a couple of years to find a green fabric that would match what I already had going. I really have no excuse.  The top should at least be finished this year. And, heavens knows,  I'll be happy to finish the top. (And, eventually quilted.) 

Happy Quilting Al

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  1. It seems that you have a loving dog. The breed really is secondary to the personality. Glad to hear that he checked out okay. He sure is blessed to have such a wonderful owner.


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