Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Here!

Ok, I lied, so sue me! I'm having lunch and want to share the fun! 
Here's the photo history of the new toy!  Rails and poles in what always seemed like a big room! 

Mike and Steve, of Memory Lane Quilting work on getting the table set up.  Oh my, that room is getting smaller by the minute! 

And here comes the machine head.... Mikey, Mike's grandson is helping. Yes, he was a big help at the beginning . . . he just couldn't do much when the tools were brought out.  I was impressed how well behaved he was. Lucky Mikey, school got out last Friday. 
Now for the "staged" picture... thanks for taking the picture Mikey! 

I wasn't really quilting at that point but I had already done some. Mike's supervising.  Hey, Mike smile! 

Below is my practice work.  I have about 60" to practice on.  Gee, I hate "wasting" the fabric but I guess I should think of it as practice not wasting! Luckily this was only $1 a yard so it didn't hurt much. Hey, that stipple is ready to go on a quilt.  The feather isn't definitely NOT ready for prime time!  

My next big step is to name my machine. I will be happy to accept suggestions on the comments.  I'm leaning toward Ruthie named after my grandma who used to sew doll clothes for me.  

Time to pop a load into the washer and then finish up the practice and move on to a "real" quilt.  I need a finish this month.  Remember, I've been buying fabric like it is penny candy!  (hum, I should be able to remove that 120" of fabric from the collection.  It is now going to be used to cover the machine when I am done with it for the day. It's as finished as it is going to get!) 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Way cool. You look like one happy camper. Love the pictures.

  2. Happy Birthday to Baby Ruthie!

    A suggestion from one who also hates to waste time/fabric on practicing....... practice quilting on seasonal fabric and then cut it up into placemats.

  3. Yeah! I think Ruthie is a great name. Can't wait to try her out!

  4. Congratulations on Ruthie. Your stipple looks great! Feathers look good, too. You're just picky. My DH has quilted covers for some of the machines in his shop - drill press, mill, etc. I did zig-zag the edges so that they could be washed. My friend made a really nice machine cover with her feathers after taking a course at MQS. I hope you have lots of fun with it.

  5. Hmmm...quilting some covers for my machines in my shop! Good idea Becky...from Bonnie's DH (I think.)

  6. That sure is a big smile you are wearing. Congratulations on the new machine.


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