Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drum Roll Please . . . .

Thanks to all who commented on my blog and entered the Strata Various book give away.  And here is the generated number.  There were 22 people who responded.  And, lucky number 7 was the winner.  And you ask, who was number 7?  

Lorraine from Blueys Beach Australia wins the Strata Various book.  Lorraine does not have a blog and didn't leave an email address. So Lorraine, if I don't here from you by Monday, May 11th I will give the book to the next person on the list.   

And, the second place prize of a couple of hand dyed fat quarters goes to Jane at QuiltSmiles

Lorraine and Jane send me your addresses and I will get prizes in the mail shortly.  (Remember I have to get this crazy sweet dog a crate before I can go out during the day!)  I'll try to remember to post a picture of the hand dyed fabric that will be sent.  
I spent quite a bit of today actually sewing in the studio.  I was able to get all the borders on the wonky 9 patch.  Wow!  I like it. (This is duller than it is in person...)   After I finished the borders I started refolding and putting away the fabrics from that quilt.  As I was doing that I auditioned borders for the strip X quilt cause I wanted to use batiks.  The sun was almost down so I will need to verify tomorrow that I like what I picked.  Hum, maybe I can get those borders on tomorrow.  

I started making more blocks for the Million Pieces quilt.  I have 25 blocks but I think I want 35 so will do more of them while I work on other blocks.  I've also been sewing some 4 patch blocks together. (hum, that sounds like I am making the 4 patch blocks.  No, I've already made them so I am making 16 patches from them.) I've found a pattern I like and will slowly work toward getting it done.  (This doesn't count as a new quilt as I had the 4 patches made and sitting around.)  So parts of quilts are being done.  What isn't being done is the dog blocks. Remember them? They are all different sizes -- I would have to think about those! (Some day, just seems too much like work right now.)  

Remember the Lint Bowl Challenge?  Today I refilled my bobbin using Connecting Thread's Essential cotton thread.  I cleaned out the bobbin area and under the throat plate before I put the refilled bobbin in.  I'll take pictures of the dust/lint after I finish this bobbin.  We'll see how it looks.  And, then I'll try it with a different thread... don't know which one but I'll let you know. (Assuming I know what the thread is!) I spent some time trying to decide how I would determine equality of sewing time.  Duh, with a newly filled bobbin.  Sounds like that will work.  

Now, it is off to bed.  Raggs rambled into bed without me.  Springers are known as Velcro dogs.  They stick with their owners.  Since I am home all day, Raggs sticks to me so I am surprised he went to his bed without me.  Maybe he was hinting that it is time for me to go to bed! 

Sleep tight all and Happy Quilting!  

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