Friday, May 8, 2009

No Quilting But

Kevin and Cassie came to visit for Mother's Day weekend.    Raggs and Cassie did very well together.  And, if we are lucky, Cassie will teach Raggs all about going out side!  

We took the dogs to the local state park, Promise Land.  Cassie loves to swim so Kevin was lobbing balls into the water and Cass was happy to swim out and get it.  Kevin tried to wade in but he said it was way too cold.  So then he brought her on land to fetch.  Raggs watched a lot. He did well chasing the ball if I threw it but he couldn't keep up with Cassie. And even off leash he stayed fairly close and came when called.  Good boy, Raggs. 

Tomorrow I run errands in the "big" city.  Then home to quilt, hopefully.  

Happy Quilting All!   and Raggs.... 


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