Friday, May 22, 2009

G - Day Is Here

"I'd be happy to drive on this road trip! Ah, why not, you can move the pedals, and you can be my eyes . . .  be brave let me drive!"

Hi All!  We leave in one hour for Jenny's graduation ceremony.  Lucky her! She gets to wear a red velvet gown.  And, she will be officially hooded with her pink hood.  All very snazzy.  I hope the air conditioning is pumping away!  And, no Santa Dog, you are not allowed to go.  You'll be keeping Raggs company.  

I'll post more tonight or tomorrow.  But needless to say Pat and I are popping our buttons proud of all of Jenny's hard work.  Would it be gauche to hoot and holler when her name is announced?  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I personally think a loud hurray in congratulation is most appropriate.

  2. Have a safe trip.when my daughter graduated she wanted us to be as loud as we could,.. we did it cuz we were so PROUD of her!have fun,Amy


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