Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graduation Day!

It was a glorious day for graduation! The sun was out. But we didn't see it during the indoor ceremony.  Here's graduation in pictures with a little commentary!

Jenny on her way out of the townhouse.  The School of Music was lucky to have the 9:00 am time.  No parking conflicts.
Here's part of the stage before the event begins.  
Here she comes ... a little fuzzy but she's the second one in this line. 
Some wonderful musical entertainment came before the speech and the awarding of the degrees. After some wise words those who had earned the Doctor of Musical Arts were called.  As each student was announced they came forward to have their hoods put on.    
While that was being done a statement by their faculty advisor was read regarding the graduate's accomplishments during their doctoral studies.

Here's the graduate, Dr. Jenny!  Notice that big white envelope?  That's her diploma in her hand.  The neat thing is doctoral students actually receive their diplomas rather than a note about how to pick up their diplomas.

Here's Dr Jenny and Mr. Dr. Jenny!  Brian was super supportive all the way through her three years in the doctoral program. (And, just a little side note, she and Brian were married at the end of her first year.  So, the first year she worked full time, planned a wedding, took classes and played recitals for the doctoral program!  YIKES!) 

And here are her cheerleaders! 
Dad, Pat; Mom, Bonnie; godmother, Barb; Dr. Jenny; husband, Brian; mother-in-law, Tonya. We are all so very proud of Dr. J.  

Needless to say no quilting has been happening this weekend.  Stay tuned for further pictures of graduation day and the rest of the weekend. 

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Oh, what a joy shared and a joy doubled bkz I relived our son becoming a doctor too. It is humbling to know that we are their mothers. Humbling because is was their hard work and talent that got them to that mountain top. Humbling because I know that they have talents that I do not have. Humbling because they want to give and share their talents with those who are in need whether in a classroom or a hospital for the wounded. What joy you must have felt.


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